The origins of the Black Race!


Kongo, is the name of (God) Archangel in his or her character of suprime spirit superviser of black people and Africa (Katiopa). Ba kongo are the decendants of the Archangel Akongo,



The Bukongo teaches that in prehistoric times, Space beings, called the Bana ba Zulu, the Sons of Heaven, from the luminous Planet Kakongo (Sirius) came to earth where they disembarked on the Ethiopian Plateau.


In Etiopi (Ethiopia), the Sons of Heaven mixed their blood, by marriage, with the Bana ba Ntoto bana ba Tami from India, giving rise to a new people (evolution) called the Bena Kongo, the children of Ne Kongo Nimi, the Bakongo, the Kongo.


Kikongo is the National Language of Kongo, this language derives from the ancient language spoken by the Sons of Heaven, from Kakongo it is from the Kakongo Planet. BuKongo teaches that there will come, at the forecast by the Lord, the future King of The Ntimansi Union of Central Africa to free Kongo and Africa. Also all people of African descendant world-wide: mentally, spiritually, religiously, politically and other. Slavery imposed by Europe, Eurasia and also by the Arabs, .reorganised in accordance with the plan of the Archangel AKongo, the birth of new civilizatio,n new Era tandu kia Kinati Masa. It is the coming of the Great MANI KONGO, who will come from heaven, from Space. We have therefore, the Kongo, Bakongo and Kikongo Trinity.


The Bakongo (Kongo) being the people whose language is Kikongo, and their country Kongo, Kakongo the planet.


The Genealogy of the black race.


We are spiritual beings who come on earth to have a physical experience in matter. Therefore we are space beings, custodial of the universe.


Black people have their own lineage that is separate from that of any other race.


Nzala Mpandu and Mama Nkenge Lufuma, are the first ancestors of black people in plateaux of ETIOPI giving birth to 12 children who are the origines of all black people.

The 12 childres are:


Na Lukengo, Na Mulangu, Na Ndinda, Ne Kana, Na Ngombe, Na Kanioka, Na Mulambi, Na Kalombo, Na Nkombo, Na Madionga, Na Lubaki and Na Kimbu. After The Flood in Itiopi 10 of these 12 families perished leaving Ne Lukengo and Zulu family, who obeyd the prophecy and escaped into safe land which they gave the name of Ekipata, Ngipiti, which later become Egypata, today known as Egypt. Also Kana became Cannanan by the occupation of Jewish people, which became (Israel) as we know it today.

In Egypt the family of Na Lukongo lived there and build Egypt, the ancient Egyptienes. In Cannanan the family of the Zulu lived as the first occupiers of Kana which became Cannanan. In the year 220 B.C Ne Mbemba Zulu recieved a prophecy, from the Archangel Ne Muanda Kongo, to leave that land of Kana (cannanan) Egypt (Ngipiti or Ekipata) Nubi, Madiani, Itiopi and bring the Bena Kongo into a new land. The promise land, which you will give my name Kongo where you will .....


Kongo Nimi


The Great Archangel Muanda Kongo made an alliance with Nimi due to his rightousness. He told Nimi that from today your name has became Kongo Nimi. Through you`re linage will come forth 3 children who will be the incarnation of the 3 attributes of a Divine nature.


KONGO Nimi married Mama Ngunu who later give birth to Nsaku, Mpanzu and Nzinga - the source of Egypts civilization.


  • Nsaku represents the colour Blue. Incarnate Spirituality-Kinzambi (Divine Love). Zola. The cohesion of civilization.
  • Mpanzu represents Yellow. Incarnate Knowledge, Scientific and Technica, Kimazayu (Divine Intelligence), Ngangu. The knowledge to build and make the physical body comfortable.
  • Nzinga represents Red. Incarnate Power-Kimayala (Divine power - order- politic Capacity) Lendo. The ability to govern.


The BuKongo States:


Man has a Divine Mission,

to FUSE with the 'Cosmic consciousness'







10,000 year old African Space Being


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