Symbol of Creator




The Eagle - Symbol of 'Akongo'


The Eagle has the power of the 3 physical dimensions on the Earth





Nzambi = The Creatuve E nergy Force (The Almighty = God)


The eagle is the symbol of Mpungu, which is God as a power in the universe.


Over time, any instrument which was used to provide power to any man whatsoever has come to be known Mpungu, by the people.


Similarly, the Eagle is the symbol of the power of God Mpungu Tulendo ended up being called Mpungu in the ancient language Kikongo.


Until now, the eagle said Mpungu in the language of Batabua Katanga, who worship the Great God of power they call Kabezia Mpungu.


In 1921, the great Prophet Kimbangu rises. He showed a great power. He speaks on behalf of Tata Nzambi'a Mpungu, and prophesy the release of the Black World Race.


Belgians arrested him, condemn him to death, then life, and will lock him in a dungeon of Lubumbashi (Katanga, Shaba) to two thousand kilometers of Kongo Central (now Bas-Zaire), his entire hometown bubbling. Behind him, the Kongo Central continues to bubble.


In 1933, followers of Mfumu Kimbangu had held a meeting in a forest Manianga North (Mongo Luwala) under the direction of Mbuta Matai Muanda. When the prayer session reached the climax, the great Initiate Matai Muanda cried aloud saying:


Mfumu'Eto, Mfumu'Eto


Wiza wasiamisa nlongoki Miaku!


Our Lord, our Lord


Come and sanctify your followers!


A two thousand kilometers away in his dungeon of Lubumbashi, Mfumu Kimbangu heard the call and decided to respond.


Suddenly, a bright cloud formed above the congregation of the disciples gathered in the forest. A light rain began to fall, and then saw a large Eagle (Mpungu) in the cloud.




The eagle came down and settled in the midst of the assembly, and turned into a man: Lord Kimbangu, Grand Messenger Tata Nzambi'a Mpungu!


Mfumu Kimbangu i Mfumu ku Kongo


He congratulated Mbuta Matai Muanda for his righteousness and his zeal to work, then he blessed the audience and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


The NZILA Kongo teaches that long before the colonial era, when the founding of the Kingdom of Kongo:


1 º) The Eagle appeared, when the great Messenger Mabaka stood at Kongo dia Mpangala.


2 º) The Eagle appeared, when the great Messenger Kodi Puanga stood at Kongo dia Kuimba.


3 º) The Eagle appeared, when the great Messenger Mbakala Nzondo stood at Kongo dia Luangu.


4 º) Nine Eagles appeared in the sky, when the Archangel Muanda Kongo down on Mount Kongo dia Ntotela, Mount Nkumba.


5 º) After colonization, the Eagle will still appear at the time of Mama Vita Kimpa in 1702, and Mfumu Kimbangu in 1921, and ...!



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