The differences between Spiritual Traditional Religion and Tradititonal Religion are important and significant. The main differences between Spiritual Traditional Religion and Traditional Religion are; that Spiritual Traditional Religion indicates the practice, connection and initiation with the Universal Forces i.e. The Cosmos, The Nature, The Ancestors and also to manifest the Force's and the knowledge of the Universe. Spirituality is to manifest these Creative attributes which exist within the Source, therefore to connect with the source relates to an individual being 'in-contact' with these forces invisible and visible.


ln Spiritual practices there are no 'Sacrificial' Human or Animals. There is no shedding of blood to create a connectipon or to achieve the development of Spiritual Evolution.

Only through adherence to Comic Laws = Spiritual Principles, can an individual attain Spiritual growth, it is these values that are 'the way of life' = the corner stone for the student of African Spirituality.


Traditonal Religion.


This is a system of knowledge that has been 'inherited' from generation to generation. This system also relies on the adoration/ideology of leaders which may include idols, sacrifice and may not necassarily be in connection with the Universal Forces. Custom heritage can be customs that used without knowing their origins, this can be a dis-advantage to inhabitants of a country simply because they are not aware that they are following a tradition that became fashionable due to colonialism for example. Sorcery was never indigenous to Katiopa, but brought to the land with the Missionaries and colonisators. This was later adopted has the indigenous Spiritual system were outlawed and the colonial Religion imposed on the people.After time the names of European dieties and their blood sacrifices were mixed with older idea's of that country..



Religion, as we know it indicates a following, gloryfication and adoring of an individual or system of mind control that is meant to be a mediator between an individual and the source, The Divine Forces, within and without, invisible and visible. These methods are employed to stop or retard the spiritual advancement of all people.

Today Religion is used to manipulate the people of the Earth. Corrupt so-called leaders, lead not by example but through lies they exploit and profit from their un-savoury actions.







Spirituality of Your Ancestors.



The Love, Force, Spiritual System of the Creator never changes, it was us as a people who deviated from the rightful path that our Ancestors left. History is the foundation of Knowledge and in the History we see and learn that the system used to defeat the Colonisators whether in Brazil, North America, Haiti and Kongo was the same. If there were two or three system then that would divide the people and created rivalries and conflict therefore today the same system that our Great Glorious Ancestors used will again be the instrument which our Archangel Ne Muanda Kongo will use to liberate Kongo and the World. Ingetta ibobo ibobo

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