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Welcome to the BDK Resource page, here you can find useful material and resourses that will help you better understand the BDK mission as well as traditional African Heritage & Culture. B.D.K is committed to providing people with accurate knowledge of African culture, as a means to challenge and counteract the often misleading and demonised idea’s pertaining to African culture held by both Africans and non-African, due to the direct intention of people to justify their oppression, enslavement and continued misleading of the masses of Black people globally. Today with the aid of BUNDU DIA KONGO, we Africans are now able, late thou it may be, to tell our own story, from our own point of view, according to what we ourselves have received from our Ancestors.


For the first time in hundreds of years, the truth can now be known. Not only to those who were fortunate, brave and strong enough to withstand the millennia (thousand years) long onslaught of foreign invaders, who brought their own idea’s to displaced and eradicate traditional African culture, but also to those African’s who were tricked and those totally stripped through the whip to forget, forsake and lose faith in the Only Thing that can Help & Save Them, through the link to the Divine.


All featured resources are aimed to help African people achieve this, using all mediums available to us, to do so.



B.D.K. Media, here you can watch, listen and download a wide range of materials, including Video & Audio Clips, Documentaries, Interviews, Films & Lectures to help you learn more about the B.D.K mission and African Culture in general.

B.D.K is a progressive local, national, international & global movement with its headquarters in The Kongo (DRC) and Academy's or Zikua's throughout Africa & the world.

This website its content and its corresponding contact link is to and for enquiries directly relating to the Zikua based in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom.

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all support given us. Manesfested through, verbal, moral, financial, material & interlectual assistance from people across the globe.