Kongo Dieto

Free Your Mind, know your History and your Culture

B.D.K. Encourages this so that;


  • All borders will be abolished (formed in 1885 at Berlin conference). As these borders are against the Divine plan and divide the children of Kongo Nimi.
  • And rebuild Katiopa according to the laws of the Nature.




B.D.K is a progressive local, national, international & global movement with its headquarters in The Kongo (DRC) and Academy's or Zikua's throughout Africa & the world.

This website its content and its corresponding contact link is to and for enquiries directly relating to the Zikua based in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom.


B.D.K welcomes and appreciates

all support given us. Manesfested through, verbal, moral, financial, material & interlectual assistance from people across the globe.