Zumbi of Brazil

Freedom Fighter in South America


Zumbi was born free in 1655, and was descended from the Imbangala warriors of Angola, of course Angola did not exist in the16th century the whole region was part of Kongo dia Ntotela. It was not until the Berlin Conference 1885 that Africa was carved up by the colonialists.

Also the name Imbangala is reference to the Great Prophetess Mama Mbangala


In Quilombo dos Palmares, Qui-lombo comes from the Ki-Kongo word meaning villages effectively being Independent Communities of Blacks founded by the prisoners of Kongodia Ntotela. Brazil is where the first victories against the enslavers were won.


It is well documented that 90% of the slaves came from the port of Soyo or Kabinda, Angola, which would have been Kingdom of Kongo Dia Ntotela’s, capital Mbanza Kongo, Zumbi inherited the leadership from Ganga Zumba,In Kikongo the name Nganga Zumbi is given to an initiate and also a 'specialist' a warrior who has the knowledge of the forest and who is in contact with the 'Spirits of War' Simbi Bia Mvita, (Francios Makandal was also a specialist of the forest and had contact with the 'Simbi Bia Mvita) Along with Zumbi were Besouro MANGANGA Manuel Dos Riesa.k.aMestre BIMBA.




Capoeira known as the ‘Dance of War’


November 20th is celebrated, chiefly in Brazil, as a day of African-Brazilian Consciousness. The day has a special meaning for those Brazilians of African descent who honour Zumbi as a hero, freedom fighter and symbol of freedom. Zumbi has become a hero of the twentieth –century Afro-Brazilian political movement as well as a National hero in Brazil.


The first victories against the Dutch, 25 in total, British and Portuguese was in Brazil between 1625-1675, the first time slaves defeated the colonisers, however in the Haitian Revolution the island subsequently became a Republic.


The captured slaves were brought to Suriname, Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua and Virginia U.S.A. York port, South Carolina and New Orleans. In South Carolina Jemmy headed a rebellion known as Stono rebellion of September 9, 1739, the largest throughout the History of North America. These Slaves took refuge in Florida and founded the first free town in North America. Jemmy was also 'BaKongo' which means he was a son of Kongo.


In Panama, documents also show that the slaves who revolted were captured from Kongo, Mozambique, Guinea and Senegal. They had names like Domingo Congo (Kongo), Anton Mandinga, Luis de Mozambique and Bayono who led the biggest slave rebellion against the Spanish.

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Breakdance came from Capoeira the African Brazillian Martial Art

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