Mfumu Kimbangu

Mfumu Kimbangu

Ntumua ( Messager) and prophet (Ngunza).

Born: 1887, Province Ba Kongo, D.R.C Kongo.

Mission: To liberate Black People Spirituality and Physically in the Diaspora and the Homeland.


Who was Mfumu Kimbangu?


Kimbangu was a Spiritual Leader and Prophet, combatting the injustices suffered by Black People at the hands of the enemy in the homeland and the Diaspora.


Kimbangu had a mission and a Ancestral mind-set, on hearing about Marcus Garvey’s worldwide vision, his gift began to manifest…then a Spirit told Kimbangu it was time to start his mission. Day after day this manifestation repeated until Kimbangu’s Spirit began to change…he began to teach, and manifest mysteries.


In Belgium Kimbangu is referred to as the Black Jesus, information from an European angle-(distorted) can be found on the internet in abundance where his name and deeds have been aligned with the Kimbanguist Church which as stations in many countries.


In 1921, just before Kimbangu handed himself in to the authorities, to begin a 30 year jail sentence, Kimbangu stood before a crowd of thousands and prophesised:


  • African Independence.
  • The rise of a New Black People
  • Freedom of Black People all over the world
  • The future of Black People who have their consciousness infiltrated/manipulated to work on behalf of the White Race.
  • Kimbangu spoke of the Africans seduced by the material life of the European and that these Africans speak the language of the oppressor and have neglected their own.
  • Mfumu Kimbangu said he was sent to liberate the people of Kongo (kula nkangu a Kongo) and the Black People of the World (Zindombe Zazo)
  • He also spoke of the Angels of Heaven and Earth who are fighting against those who wish to inhibit Human and Divine progress.(Mpeve Za Ntemo Wa Bantu)
  • The coming of a New Instructor ( N'Longi a Kongo) who will write a secret sacred book, for the Black People of the World! The Teacher, The Instructor who will prepare Black People spiritually and physically for their final and total Independence!!!
  • Independence Spiritual (Ki nzambi) Colour Blue
  • Independence Scientific Creative Intelligence(Ki mazayu) Colour Yellow
  • Independence Politic Order (Ki mayala) Colour Red
  • Kimbangu prophesized about a Great King(Mani Kongo)who will come but before this event Black People must be prepared Spiritually and Physically.
  • Kimbangu also prophesized of the Diaspora returning to the Homeland.


After delivering his speech, Papa Kimbangu handed himself into the Belgium authorities, who colonized Kongo at that time, and began a 30 year jail sentence. He died in prison in 1951.

30 years in prison to pave the way and to manifest the next step for Black People…What a burden for one person!!!


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