Kenatu (Akhenaten)

Restoration of the Ancient Egyptian Solar Spiritaul Religion


Kenatu wears the Crown with the emblem of the ‘Snake of Wisdom’ Nioka Moyo meaning that he had united the feminine energy Selembau at the base (Kunda) of the spine (Kilini), with the masculine energy Muntu mbau located in the frontal lobe of the brain.


1300B.C Kenatu brought about the restoration of the Ancient Solars-spiritual system (Religion) to its authenticity and purity, during the decline of the Ekipata (Egyptian) civilization. European Egyptologists have labelled Kenatu as a ‘heretic’ to try and disguise the works of this Great Makandala. After the death of Kenatu his disciples were exiled from Ekipata (Egypt) and took refuge in Etiopi where they kept the spiritual knowledge taught by kenat. Subsequently his disciple reunited Ekipata, Kana, Nubi and Etiopi.


960B.C Queen Mankenda Saba of Etiopi married Solomon and gave birth to today's mix race Etiopi (Ethiopians).


The Circle with the Black point is the symbol of the energy Akongo. The Solar Disque is connected to the Black Sun (Mbumba lowa) source of its energy. The Black point is found in the centre of the sacred symbol: the circle with the point in the centre. In the secrets of power of Kenatu, he gave glory to the Black Sun situated in the centre of the Universe.


Ancient Egyptian

Symbol for the Energy Creative Force

Kenatu,self iniation to the Creative Energy

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