Messagers (Makandala)

The Messengers, Prophet's & Prohetesses


The Word: Makandala


The word Makandala means ’Mfumu ye Nganga’ literally meaning ‘Head of Religion and Politics.’


The word Nlongi A KONGO Ne Makandala is a title and means; ‘The Instructor of Priests and Politian’s’


The History of the Makandala, an untold and even unknown story, stemming back as far as the Legendary Menes, Imhotep and Akenaton.


In the year 4200 before the era of the ‘Fish’ the kongo people left Ethiopia and came to the Nile Valley.


The tall Black Men gathered and decided to establish a country called:


Ekipata Het-Ka-Ptah =Aiguptuos=Egypt


A Spiritual leader who has been chosen by the Ancestors and manifests attributes of a Divine Nature. These personages have one thing in common, they represent the same Spiritual system, meaning that there is a long line of Great Genius Leaders that follow in the same path, to lead Human beings to greater Spiritual heights of awareness.


The connection to the Ancestral Worlds, determines the qualification/ the character of The Makandala. He/she is the selectee principle who can help guide, and re-connect others to their Ancestors.




Akhenaton of K'mt


François Mackandal of Haiti


Vita Kimpa of Kongo Ntotela


Nlongi A Kongo Ne Mkandala


Zumbi of Brazil


Ne Muanda Nsemi


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