François Mackandal

François Mackandal

Revolutionary Freedom Fighter of Haiti


A good example of the tittle Makandala is François Mackandal a legendary figure in the Haitian revolution,who fought against the imposed political and religious systems of the enslavers.


The ‘tittle of Makandala’ can be cleary seen in his surname, however only an initiate in the Ki-Kongo language could see the origin of the surname attributed to François.


On the coin the title of Makandal-a can be clearly recognised.

Mama Vita Kimpa’s family had been exiled to Haiti as punishment, where they were instrumental in the island uprising. This is supported by the surname of François being ‘Mackandal’ which is a tittle and not a name.


The French feared that Mackandal would drive all whites from the colony. Mackandal was betrayed by an ally who was tortured into submission. He was captured and burned alive in 1758 in the public square of Cap-Français, now Cap-Haïtien.


Another great hero of the Haiti revolution was Toussaint Overtures, a French name that translates to “all-saint opening/opening the way”, Toussaint was said to have been inspired by Francois’ Makandal-a’, and completed the mission of freedom for the island.


It was that fundamental core that Toussaint reawakened and drove on to completion.


Drawing on seldom-considered oral history (beyond folklore and myth) as well as conventional research and the collaborated work of others, anthropologist Mark Davis asserts that Mackandal had been educated by an 'important' family in the Congo. Davis says he also knew music, sculpture and painting, and that his broad knowledge of medicinal plants and herbs was widely sought after.


François Mackandal (died 1758) he was a Haitian Maroon leader in Saint-Domingue. He was an African who is sometimes described as a Haitian vodoupriest, or houngan. Haitian historian Thomas Madioustates said that Mackandal "had instruction.

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He orchestrated one of the greatest slave rebellions in History

In the book "Open door to Liberty," Mackandal mentioned, talking about his life as a voodoo priest and joining Maroons to kill whites in Saint Domingue, till when he was captured and burned alive.


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