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The Black Archangel hides the mysteries of the Universe. Black people are the physical component of this Blackness, meaning that they also hide within them, mysteries of the Universe.


The Black Sun (invisible) is a symbol of God AKONGO non-manifest while the White Sun (visible) is the symbol of God AKONGO manifest.


Movement of the Egyptians


During the decline of Egypt in 220 B.C.E led by Mbemba Zulu, the Kongo people left Ekipata for a land they called Mazimba (santuary/temple) which was Zimbabue.


After the death of Mbemba Zulu, Ne Muanda Kongo (God) selected the Prophet Isanusi to become the leader of The Kongo people.


The Kongo people later entered the Kalahari desert, after being led by the Prophetess Mama Mbangala.

Extrait from, Names of the Bakongo, Author Ne Muanda Nsemi


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some Great African Empires

  • Kush
  • Egypt
  • Carthage
  • Kongo
  • Mali
  • Ghana
  • Zimbabwe
  • Benin

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