The Maroon Leaders

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Jamaica’s Spiritual systems, imported to the island by the slaves from Kongo Ntotela is known as Obea Mayala, Myal, Jonkunnu.

Like the Haitian system of Voodoo, both have been demonized and banned by the colonisators who knew that if the slaves practised these systems they could not be defeated.


Sister Nanny of the Maroons could well have been a prophetess and Mackandala (Priestess), she lead uprisings against the enslavers.

Dr. Fu-kiau Bunseki writes...

‘There is a mystical power which causes people to walk on fire, to lie on thorns or nail, to change into animals (lycanthropy), to spit on snakes and cause them to split open and die; power to stupify theives so that they can be caught red-handed; power to make inamate objects turn into biological living creatures; there is power that anables experts to see into secrets, hidden information or the future, or to detect thieves and other culprits.’


He continues..

‘African people are aware of a mystical power in the Universe.


This power is ultimately from God, but in practice it is inherent in, or comes from or through physical objects and Spiritual beings.


That means that the Universe is not static or ‘dead’: it is a dynamic, ‘living’ and powerful Universe’


Kumina Nyabingi


The Kumina , the Kongo drum is an integral part of the Spiritual system of Jamaica. It was imported by the Kongo Slaves and was transformed into Nyabingi, chanting and singing givng praise to the Creator.

Many of the Bakongo joined the U.N.I.A., Marcus Garvey’s `Back to Africa’ movement which spoke of seeing God through your own eyes. They also joined the ‘Rasta movement’ who also spoke of a Divine Black God/king and repatriation back to the Motherland.

Prior to thhe appearance of the ‘Rastaman’ and the U.N.I.A. people gathered under the name of the ‘revialist of Zion,’ where they secretly continued their practices which were outlawed by the colonialists church authorities.



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Only Maroons Communities, or slaves who organised themselves based upon a traditional African culture, were able to form societies that were both able to withstand the power structures of slavery and win their freedom by force.

Maroons were found in

many places and

still live in:


  • Jamaica
  • Cuba
  • Suriname
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Haiti
  • Belize
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Saint Vincent
  • Puerto Rico
  • Columbia
  • Ecuador
  • Dominican Republic

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