African Diaspora

The African Diaspora

Africans born outside the continent


Who are the African Diaspora?

The African Diaspora represents all those people of African origin who have been displaced throughout the world, Africans who have left the continent by force or by choice.


This represents many hundreds of millions of African black people who can be found throughout, Europe America, Brazil, the Caribbean, Asia and the Far East.

Many of whom are often forgotten and totally detached from Mama Africa.


Mostly when people speak of the African Diaspora they are usually referring to those Africans displaced through Slavery. However in truth, this Diaspora, incorporates many millions of other Africans displaced through the Arab slave trade, into places like the Indian Peninsular, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey and the rest of the Arab world, such as the infamous Siddis.

It also includes Africans who left the continent many thousands of years ago as explorers, who settled the world, creating earth’s first populations.

Many of these Africans still exist and inhabit these places and are the indigenous people and the first native populations in these regions. These indigenous people who constitute the original people of many now industrious countries, such as China, India and even Russia, have now been totally marginalised, placed at the uttermost bottom of the social class ladder, and are seldom if ever mention in the media or modern literary books.


It is the aim of B.D.K to offer a vehicle for all those displaced Africans to re-establish their ancestral connection with Mama Africa, as well as highlight the journey, achievements and struggles of these resilient people. Our aim is that people are made aware of our global presence, and can help to give a voice to who we really are.


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