The Language of the Ancestors


Kongo is the name of the Archangel of Love and Wisdom who brings and holds together the visible and the invisible Universe. He is the Great Primodial energy creative Kongo Kalunga, Akongo, whose energy governs this second Solar System.


Kongo is the name of the magic circle, the rainbow and the circle made up of the aura of creative light of Mpungu at the dawn of a cosmic manifestation, when a new Cosmos is created. For the word Kongo designates the circle of Divine light marking the boundaries of the Universe being formed.


Kongo is the surname of the Solar Spirit, Ne Muanda Kongo, who is the source of light and Warmth for all mankind, all the creatures of our Solar System and beyond.

Ne Muanda Kongo is a Mahasi, The Cosmic Archangel. The Lord of luminous planet kakongo (The Sun Sirius).

Extrait from Names of The Bakongo, Author Ne Muanda Nsemi



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