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Kikongo is the authentic Language of Katiopa(Africa) brought by the Bena Zulu, from the planet Kakongo (compagion Star of Sirius) to initiate the Sons of the earth(in Etiopi), before the appearance of the other races.

Kikongo is the vehicle of communication with the Spiritual World, given to us by our Great Ancestors.



The importance of Language

Due to migration of peoples, passage of time and colonisation, Kikongo has been transformed into the many languages and dialets which we now see in Africa today.


One prime example of this is the the name for the Creator which can be unravelled due to this source language showing linguistc charactoristics; Nzambi is the Kikongo name for Creative force, we can see variations of this word throughout Africa in countries, rivers, mountains.. Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, Zambezi etc. Ne Muanda Kongo is The Archangel of the Creator and the words Muanda and Kongo can also be found which can be found throughout Africa’s regions showing a common denominator in culture and language spoken in Katiopa, indeed it is knowledge of our ancient tongues that guides us to a greater understanding of our-story and unravels the mystery behind The Bana Zulu.

This is no where more important than within concepts, ideas and practice of spirituality and religion. Language plays a most crucial role in helping people both, better understand African Spirituality, and connect or reconnect to the Divine Self, it is the means by which an individual can practice, express and manifest themselves in a manner conducive to their physiognomy, tradition and natural existence on this planet, in relation to natural selection; who they are.






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