What is culture?

Culture is the Expression of the 'SOUL'...


'Culture,' is natural Divine Inspiration and vision,

which manifests 'five' Natural elements:

1 - Language

2 - Spiritality ! which develop in to religion.

3 - Education

4 - Tradition

5 - History


People without 'natural culture,' are like a lost people, ultimately to be dominated by others which will lead into a empty darkness.


African people have a rich natural culture heritage, with cultural patterns, practices and traditions, spanning thousands of years.

This culture although seldom referenced to by non-Africans and even Africa people themselves when examining the origins and development of humanbeings, is actually the foundations upon all ancient and modern theories are based. Although often sited as simple, crude, childish and even savage by many researchers in the past and at present, African culture offers us a unique, indepth insight into ourselves, our environment, nature the cosmos and the Divine Intelligence that is obsolute, invisible and visible everywhere and within everything (natural), most importantly within ourselves.


African culture is not static and adapts to the changing environment and through the development and evolution of time, however the fundamental principles and concepts remain unchanged, identifyable and inclusive to African thought and conciuosness.


In 1482 the European Invaders came to the heart of Central Kongo, the Kingdom of 'Kongo Dia Ntotela' and began its destruction, with a view to preparing its colonisation. After destroying the infrastructure they then began to eliminate the Natural Culture by imposing their own Culture, Language, Education, Religion, Tradition, History and Education. More than 13 Million Africans were taken from the Kingdom of Kongo to Brazil, Haiti, Jamaica, United States, Canada were forced to adopt the Invaders Culture, destroying the link to thier Origins, thus enabling the colonisators to dominate, manipulate and exploit them.




Therefore to understand African history you must also be aware and to some degree understand African culture, seprate but inseprable.


To this aim this B.D.K website offers the visitors the opportunity to discover and learn key things about our African Culture which offers an insight into Africa's most ancient cultural patterns.

Watch Video on a remarkable African Tradition, The Dogons of Mali, west Africa.

Learn about the Dogon Cosmogony

Some Important African Cultural Traditions.


  • Egyptian (Bantu)
  • Etiopi (Ethipia/Kushite )
  • Dogan
  • Yoruba
  • Ebo
  • Zulu
  • Benin
  • Akan


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