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What is Bundu Dia Kongo?


Bundu dia kongo is a Cultural and Spiritual organisation for the world at large, which is working to revive Katiopa(Africa), the renaissance of the Solar Spiritual System, Advanced Technology and Enlightened Politics based on knowledge and Divine Justice and love.


An essential aspect of this action concerns the rehabilitation of Black Peoples of the world; their spiritual, psychological, cultural and material rehabilitation.


Bundu dia Kongo teaches Spiritual Practices, authentic African History and Cultural Heritage, which includes : Language, Traditions, History etc. B.D.K. is leading a radical cultural revolution from the custom heritage imposed by the Europeans and Arabs; Religion, Science, Politics including the Education system. During this era of tandu kia kiniti masa(AGE OF AQUARIUS) all artificial borders of Katiopa (Africa) founded in 1885 at the Berlin conference need to be abolished.


In 1969, Ne Muanda Nsemi a university trained scientist (mathematics, physics and chemistry), received the call which was to change his life completely. A bright luminous Being appeared to him and announced himself as the Angel of Ne Muanda Kongo the suprime spirit superviser of all the communities of the Ntimansi Union (Centtral Africa), which extends from the Kalunga Ocean to the sources of the Nile and Africa.


The Great Archangel revealed many things to Ne Muanda Nsemi. He entrusted him in particular, with the mission of preparing the Bena Kongo and all Central Africa for the major upheavals which will occur on our Planet throughtout the third Millennium, and which will completely change the geography of our Planet Earth.


In 1986 , he began his public mission with the official launching of BUNDU DIA KONGO, a dynamic action-oriented spiritual reflection organisation. Which he himself defined as a Spiritual School, an Academy of Sciences and a Party political movement. The aim of which is to provide an elevated form of moral and political initiation to the future leaders of Africa and the world.


The Voices of the Bundu Dia Kongo in Birmingham

Mansueki Milandu


in Birmingham U.K

Lukombo Mayala

Mfumua Zikua

in Birmingham U.K

Kesa Malemba Nkulu

Mfumua Kinlongo

in Birmingham U.K

About Us

BUNDU DIA KONGO is not a Religion,

but an ACADEMY of Spiritual Initiation, Teaching and Practices.

B.D.K is a progressive local, national, international & global movement with its headquarters in The Kongo (DRC) and Academy's or Zikua's throughout Africa & the world.

This website its content and its corresponding contact link is to and for enquiries directly relating to the Zikua based in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom.

B.D.K welcomes and appreciates

all support given us. Manesfested through, verbal, moral, financial, material & interlectual assistance from people across the globe.